Monday, October 17, 2016

17 Octubre

Hola fam!

This week we had a Multizone Conference here in Tumbes. It was my LAST one, which means I had to give my "last testimony." And i was SO SAD! Every "last" makes me sad. Love this place, and love all of the things that I have learned out here. But we talked about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. And we talked a lot about how the ordinances we do help us to come unto Christ, and know Him. Got me so excited to go back to the temple! I know that is where we can go to have added strength in our lives in order to be better disciples of Christ. 

On friday we had intercambios, and me toc√≥ with Hna Spainhower! Good to catch up with her again and learn from her. ALWAYS learn from her. Shes the best example of charity for these people, so it was a good reminder that I need to love these people even more. Charity beats all, and thats when we see miracles here! 

We are still teaching Misael. He doesn't have a very good understanding of God, because recently he believes in Him. So we have been teaching very slowly, but he comes to church, and tells us how great he feels there. So we are going to start speeding things up, and see how he feels about baptism. 

Alver is starting to feel wishy washy with baptism again. Still awesome, he went from never praying to praying everyday and he is recognizing God's hand in his life. I think more than anything he is scared and feels like he isnt good enough, so we are hoping to help him gain a better understanding of Christ's role in his life. Because if he understand His role, we know that His grace is sufficient for ALL of us, and we can change!

Life has been a little bit CRAZY for us lately. But this is our first week FREE of a lot of things so we are excited to take advantage of the time we have to work. Hna Pay is great, life is good. Shes super diligent, understands her purpose. And Tumbes is still the best area. :) 

Today I loved studying about grace. D&C 93 talks about how we receive a little bit of God's grace at a time, and how it is given to us gradually as we strive to follow Him. So grateful to know of God's love for us!

Love you all, have a good fall break. :)

Hna Richan 

Cutest Kids
Multi Zone Conference 


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